Our team

Dr. Nagui Riad

Ph.D. Civil Engineering, Illinois Institute of Technology

Eng. Meray George

BSc. Civil Engineering, Ain Shams University

Introducing ourselves, Geos for Trading and Contracting is a family company between myself, Nagui Riad, Ph.D. Civil Engineering, Illinois Institute of Technology (1990), and my wife Meray George, BSc. Civil Engineering, Ain Shams University (1982). Geos has been a pioneer in introducing new products and solutions to the Egyptian market since 1993.

We are Agents, Importers, Distributors and specialized contractors for several companies working in the area of Civil Engineering. Geos is an agent for several large international companies among which are Keystone Retaining Walls, Tenax SpA, Viacon, Dirk Group, Freudenberg-Politex, Propex, and others. Geos also provides detailed workshop drawings & technical designs through its technical office, onsite training, as well as technical & financial project studies and comparative studies. As contractors, we have constructed several projects ranging from small to very large such as the recent project of Siemens Power Plant in Beni-Suef, constructing all the Reinforced Earth Retaining Walls onsite. Also, constructing the Keystone Reinforced Earth Retaining Walls for the ongoing Galala Projects, as well as many others. Geos is a registered Category 2 contractor.

The company name Geos originate from the word Geosynthetics which can be described as follows: “Geo”, is a Latin word that refers to the earth, and “synthetics” are the materials used in the manufacture of geosynthetic products and are almost entirely from the plastics industry—that is, they are polymers made from hydrocarbons, such as polyesters, polypropylene, polyethylene, etc.

Geos designs, supplies, and install several geosynthetic products through Tenax SpA, ACE, Thrace, Freudenburg-Politex, such as:

Divided into Mono-oriented, Bi-oriented, and 3D grids Uses: Reinforcing weak soils, Constructing reinforced earth retaining walls, Slope Reinforcement, Soil stabilization

Divided into Woven and Non-woven Uses: Constructing French drains, Soil separation, Soil reinforcement, Protection of pipes, bituminous or polyethylene membranes.

Uses: Erosion control for slopes and as a rip rap equivalent. Geocells can be filled with soil, concrete, or stones.

Uses: Drainage

Uses: Liners for Artificial Lakes, Oxidation Ponds, and Landfills among other uses.

A mix of two or three products adhered together
Uses: Drainage, slope protection, and other uses

Geos also designs, supplies, and constructs the Keystone Reinforced Earth Retaining Walls system (a US company) as a better and cost effective replacement for the Reinforced Concrete Retaining Walls. The Keystone Retaining Walls system is composed of:

  • Concrete Blocks of different shapes and colors
  • Fiberglass pins that connects the blocks
  • Mono-oriented geogrids
  • Concrete caps for top of the wall (optional).

Apart from geosynthetic products, Geos designs, supplies, and install the following products:
Steel Tunnels (Viacon, Poland)
Uses: Corrugated steel sheets that form different shapes of tunnels as a faster and more cost effective replacement for Reinforced Concrete tunnels.

Fiberglass mesh (Gavazzi, Italy)
Uses: Used in plaster instead of steel mesh to prevent cracks by covering the connection between any two different materials (such as a concrete column and a brick wall), Reinforces thick epoxy coatings used on slab on grade such as for factories, in addition to several other applications.

Fiber Reinforcement (Propex, US)
Uses: Virgin Polypropylene fibers mixed with concrete elements for crack control in reinforced concrete elements or plaster, also as a replacement for steel reinforcement used for shrinkage control, such as reinforcing Slabs on Grade.

Fly Ash (Dirk, India)
Uses: A Concrete additive used in water structures and/or thick reinforced concrete elements to increase their strength, minimize the heat of hydration, and hence increase the durability dramatically of the aforementioned elements.

In the past, Geos was able to introduce several other new technologies to the Egyptian market such as: Polyethylene pipes for water and sewage networks through the Dutch company Wavin. Vertical, or Wick, drains used for consolidating soft clays, which are typically very weak soils, and raising its shear strength through Tenax SpA and Colbond companies

Dr. Nagui Riad have also introduced advanced protective sprayable paintings such as Polyurea, polyurethane, and hybrids of different materials. These paints were heavily used for inner and outer protection of concrete pipes, steel roofs, and others. The materials have been introduced through a sister company that called American Polymers.

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