Dirk Phoenix

Dirk Phoenix

Pozzocrete Processed Fly Ash complying with US & British Specs for high performance concrete, and other uses.

For road and airfield pavements (Sub-bases and road bases of all classes of road and airfield pavements and footways).
GFA is a slow hardening mixture which progresses from an unbound crushed stone material into a bound paving material, the rate of reaction being strongly dependent upon temperature. GFA has a handling time of many hours and thus the flexibility of unbound granular paving materials. GFA-over time-and depending upon the aggregate develops significant elastic stiffness (10-30GPa) and tensile strength (1-3Mpa) and thus results in a pavement material with the performance and durability of bitumous and cement bound materials. DIRK provides GFA from central batching plants equipped with continuous pug-mill mixers.


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