Fiberglass nets for plaster, replacing galvanized steel mesh, for reflective cracks prevention.
– A brilliant solution in the field of interior decoration
The first of the mosaics laying modern techniques foresaw it gluing on paper than it hid the decorative side, and the next fresh plaster application, making you adhere to the back of the tiles. Before removing the paper, however, it was necessary to wait for the complete drying of intervening on the site after a few days, doing significantly pushing up labor costs. Any combination of several errors “sheets” of mosaic were also detected only after the elimination of paper, with further additional costs for recovery.
The Gavazzi Technical Fabrics has successfully managed to overcome the shortcomings of working with leading industry players in the carrying out of special glass fiber networks on which the mosaic is placed, with its techniques of each operator, leaving completely free and visible face of decorum and a good part of the rear surface of the mosaic.

– The study and the realizations of the networks in question has led to the use of particular yarns and related weaving and impregnation techniques.

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